Michael Lehan


Michael Lehan, became the Principal Investigator for the Department of Education, IES Small Business Innovation Research Fast-Track grant “STEM Solar Explorations in June, 2013. Dr. Lehan is a Director of Berkshire Management Group, LLC, an educational and financial consulting firm, and teaches finance and strategic planning in the Massachusetts Maritime Academy Facilities and Emergency Management graduate programs. Dr. Lehan’s career has been divided between positions in the public sector (University of Massachusetts, US Treasury, City of New York) and the private sector, primarily at the Bank of Boston.

Dr. Lehan has supervised STEM Solar Explorations grant activities including directing curriculum developers from the STEM ED Institute, developing marketing and sales strategies, and administrative and budget management. Dr. Lehan believes that hands on learning, combined with the best of today’s technology will provide a sound basis for both successful professional careers and a personally satisfying lives for students. Solar energy has a way to excite students about physics, science and STEM careers and is an ideal vehicle with immediate applications.

Photo of Hughes Pack


Hughes Pack has been teaching all levels of high school physics and astronomy since 1978 and has recently added solar electricity and solar energy through his involvement with the STEM Solar Lab (SSL) project. Just prior to joining the SSL team, he was on the advisory board for the current textbook, Investigating Astronomy, published by Its-About-Time in 2010.

During his career, Hughes has been a consulting teacher for a wide variety of curriculum and science programs at UMass-Amherst, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab at UC Berkeley, the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and the U.S. Department of Energy. His non-academic interests include snow shoeing, kayaking, mountain and road biking.

Photo of Stacy Kronenberg


Stacey Kronenberg holds two functions and positions within STEM Solar Explorations.

As the Grant Administrator, Stacey coordinates construction, financial and communication matters with schools and grant personnel. She reports monthly energy production for each school to Mass Clean Energy Council for Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC).

As a Marketing Assistant to the Principal Investigator, Stacey performs market research, develops test marketing materials, handles communications with the media and provides input to videographers, graphic designers and curriculum developers regarding visual aspects of STEM Solar Explorations materials.

Photo of Erin Marley


Erin Marley is a Marketing and Media Assistant for the STEM Project.

She is a life long resident of the Pioneer Valley. Erin is a recent graduated from Sacred Heart University with a BA in Media Studies.

Her interest in photography and film has helped to create visuals that demonstrate exactly what the curriculum entails.

Erin is interested in gaining exposure of the business world and learning what it takes to operate a business.