The STEM Solar Lab™ is a product developed by Diversified Construction Services, LLC (DCS) and is supported by a Small Business Innovative Research grant from the Institute of Education Sciences, US Department of Education. The grant is a multi-year educational research grant. DCS is a general contracting company based out of Amherst, MA. Diversified has 30 years of construction experience and is moving forward into a new age of solar energy building. The owner of DCS, David Marley, created an innovative way to install ground mounted solar energy but not take the land out of production and transferred that design to an educational setting. David, and his associate, Michael Lehan, have long been interested in “hands on learning” and see that combining the field of renewable energy with education as a natural fit.

With the success of the Department of Education grant David Marley decided to deploy a sister company to DSC- Hyperion Systems LLC. Hyperion designs, manufactures, and markets an innovative photovoltaic system designed to keep farmland in production while generating solar energy along with the STEM Solar Labs.