Stem Solar Lab

Hands on science excites students to open doors to learning they didn't consider before.
The STEM Solar Lab™ (SSL) is a 2kW grid-tied solar PV array at the school’s location for use as a model for teachers and students to learn about solar electric energy. The curriculum material is designed for integration into the grade 7-12 learning environment. Lessons are designed to be stand-alone, or can be incorporated into existing science, technology/engineering and math courses. Materials have been designed to be consistent with both State and National standards and frameworks.

To make this possible, we provide assistance with financing so that the SSL is affordable for the school.
Student measuring sunlight


Hands on science learning excites students and raises students’ awareness of solar energy through STEM education.  STEM Solar Lab™ hands-on activities allows students to construct context, develop positive attitudes toward learning, and engage in discussions with peers that increases content knowledge. The SSL brings new and exciting learning opportunities to students every day.

Stem Explorations IES SBIR Project


See teachers and student’s positive reactions to the STEM Solar Lab™ as they share their excitement about learning science through the window of solar energy. Teachers trained using the STEM Solar Lab™ see the difference in the classroom.

The students understand the materials and lessons being taught more easily than reading it from a text book.